Yuna // Someone Who Can

This song speaks to me in so many levels. Sometimes, I can’t help but just cry..


Yohji Yamamoto FW14


Street art in Shihanoukville : Cambodia


Neon installation by Lee Jung

Laura Henno

Merry Christmas y’all! #smize

Vincent Van Gogh, Branches Of An Almond Tree In Blossom (Artist Interpretation in Red), 1890

"I will only let you touch me,
if your hands are so full of intention,
that every brush of your palms feels
like you are writing a novel on my skin."
—  Azra.T (via orpus)

(Source: beryl-azure, via forgotten-season)


Quick #selfie while trying out nearly every #lipstick, #lip #stain, and #lip #gloss at @sephora. I think this #sephora cream lip stain in Strawberry Kissed, a very pigmented bright pink red with a matte finish may be the winner for today. Thoughts? (at Sephora)